sloth studies

I did some sloth sketches today.  It's for a new project -  well a revisit of an old project.  I bought myself some markers, water colors and gouache. I've never really used gouache or watercolors before my paintings last week - so it's fun to just experiment.  So far, I feel like it suits me much better than oil paints. I'm pretty happy with the 2nd one and might end up using that one in the final project. blue sloth in tree illustration painting drawing

orange sloth in tree illustration painting drawing

orange sloth in tree illustration painting drawing


So... when I was little I used to make up stories for my siblings about dodle-dangpods (or doodle-dangfods i can't really remember.) Anyway they were little creatures that lived in trees that were formed right after a drip of water hits a puddle.

So i was pretty stoked when i found this bag in Portland last weekend.

Art work by Sylvia Portella, Bag by BlueQ

Here's an animation I made about how they are formed.  It also features pink bumblebees - which i still believe exist. I also believe that I was stung by one when i was 4 or 5 - it was long and skinny and had a little fat friend - that was slightly more orange.

Noticing... bears in knitwear

I would have thought a bear's fur would keep him warm in winter.  Guess these bears prefer warmer weather. Woolly Bear by Julia Pott, Holiday Cards by Julia Pott, Bear Sweater by Marmee Craft, Sid Loves his Flannel Shirt by Corella Design, Bear Sleigh by Sandra Deickmann

I know Sid is wearing Flannel which isn't knitwear, but that is only because his sweater was at the dry cleaners.