Living in Prints

Ahh, to be in a world surrounded by prints.  If only my boyfriend, didn't already think everything I own "looks like a rug."

found on patternity
painting by Mickalene Thomas
from Kenzo baby look book
don't remember where i found this one.  please comment if you know
photo by Arnold Newman
painting by Klimt
ad for M.A.C. and Liberty collaboration
painting by Matisse
from spring 2010 paper magazine

Alison Wonderland

When I was little one of my best friends was named Alison so I thought the movie was Alison Wonderland named after the main character named Alison Wonderland. Ha!

Anyway, my all time favorite fashion spread is inspired by Alice In Wonderland - top one (and above) is Annie Leibovitz from Vogue a few years back. The other are two are from SO-EN a Japanese fashion magazine. I love the mix of drawing and photography - in the first one from SO-EN.

Fifi Lapin

Fifi Lapin the adorably fashionable bunny has kept me busy all week. I've read through every one of her blog posts, browsed through her flickr site and stressed about which one of her lovely prints to buy. They are all so gorgeous I had a very hard time.

I finally went for this print:

Even though I am running out of wall space I am also seriously considering all of the following:

Fifi's prints are available from her Etsy Shop and her own Online Store.

Here are some of my favorite of Fifi's drawings. There are so many beautiful ones make sure to go to her blog and check them all out.

Fifi is also the current artist in residence at LeSportsac. Look at this amazing print she designed:

There are three different prints in a variety of styles. All bags are available at the LeSportsac website.

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