Paradise in a parking spot

Everyone knows the line from the Joni Mitchel classic "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot," now we all get a chance to create our own little piece of paradise in a parking spot! Tomorrow is PARK(ing) Day! Take over metered parking spaces and create your own little park! How fun. Here are some great pictures from the past to get you inspired.

Many cities participate in PARK(ing) Day. Check out the PARK(ing) Day network. Below are some links of cities who participate.

LA San Francisco New York DC Brisbane

Once Upon A Book

I recently went to see "Once Upon a Book" a children's book exhibition at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Here are works from some of my favorite artists in the exhibition.

I absolutely adore her work and have been meaning to post about her for a while now. I'll make sure to do a post soon with more of her work. She was the main reason I went to check out this exhibition! You make recgonize some of her work from the side of buses as she recently did some CB2 ads.

Once Upon A Dream

The cartoon art museum in San Francisco quickly became one of my favorite museums in the city. And again, they have a show going on I couldn't wait to see - Once Upon a Dream - The Art of Sleeping Beauty - to celebrate the fifty year anniversary of its release. Sleeping Beauty has long been my favorite Disney movie. I always thought it was the most visually stunning. The exhibit is amazing - and you must go if you live in the Bay Area.

Some Sleeping Beauty concept art.

Here are some websites with good collections of concept art from Sleeping Beauty:
Excellent Virtue
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