Noticing... black backgrounds

Loving artwork on black backgrounds right now....

Macro Garden by Rosemary Scanlon, Botanic by Ashley G, Breanne Thank You Card by Rifle Paper Co., Root Garden by Apak, Celestial Cat by Zippora Lux, Night Flowering Tree by Lena Wolf, Happiness Is..? by Ciara Phelan found on Where the Lovely Things Are, Cactussen by Moussault found on Meike Willems, Dark Constellation by Christine Tillman, works on paper by Sally Gill found on Art Hound, watercolor by Rosemary Scanlon found on my love for you..., painting by Marie Laurencin found on Amy Blackwell, Secret Garden by Michelle Armas, Relais by Edouard Benedictusfound on decor8, Small World by Mary Blair

Sea Mammal Habitats

Jill Bliss and Jennie Smith Sea Mammals

Top: Southern Sea Otter by Jennie Smith.   Bottom:  Sea Lion by Jill Bliss.

I love artwork about the relationship between animals and their habitat.  These two great works are by two of my favorite artists.  Both sea mammals are textured with images from the habitat they live in.  There habitat, is actually very close to my habitat!  Both live in Northern California, so I get to see them in the wild, which is always exciting!

Living in Prints

Ahh, to be in a world surrounded by prints.  If only my boyfriend, didn't already think everything I own "looks like a rug."

found on patternity
painting by Mickalene Thomas
from Kenzo baby look book
don't remember where i found this one.  please comment if you know
photo by Arnold Newman
painting by Klimt
ad for M.A.C. and Liberty collaboration
painting by Matisse
from spring 2010 paper magazine

Pottery with Animal Drawings

I love love love the pottery by Ayumori Horie and Hue's Sculpture. Both have strong Japanese influences and feature hand drawn animals on their works.

Favorites from Hue's Sculpture:

I met her at Bazaar Bizarre's San Fran Holiday Craft Fair. Her pieces look great displayed all together. They are all mostly off white with black drawings but the inside of the pieces are all glazed in soft greens, oranges and blues. They look really beautiful all together. Each piece has Japanese characters and comes with a little tag that has an English translation. The sayings are quirky little messages from the animals on the pots. I bought my sister a pretty sweet Tarsier cup for Christmas, I think it said something like "I am too cute." You can see more of her work on her website, in her Etsy shop or at Gravel and Gold.

Favorites from Ayumori Horie:

Her work is so perfectly imperfect. Oh I love it. It's so beautiful I love the subtle little touches of color in each piece. Her drawing style is really wonderful, just a perfect balance of quirky, cute and beautiful. I love that - I somehow accidentally picked all the pieces with "monkeys." She claims they are monkey's on her sites, but I obviously think its an orangutan - and hence love every single one. She also has a ton of amazing pieces that DO NOT feature orangutans! It seem's that just about everything on her site is sold out - so I don't have one of her pieces yet. I'll never be able to pick a favorite. Check out here website, her work is also available at ReForm School, Harvey Meadow's Gallery and High Falls Mercantile

Panda Bears are so damn trendy...

Why not show some love for some other Asian bears with these great Etsy finds.

Sun Bear (original painting) by JuneJofCA

Sun Bear Bauble by ThyacineDen

Minko by Scott Parry

Don't Let Go Tote Bag by Julia Pott

Wooly Bear by Julia Pott

Two Bears Notecard by Apak

You are my Sunshine Bear bookmark by animalgam

Ursidae Print by Daughter Earth