Species Facts: Red Panda

Common names: Red Panda, Lesser Panda, Panda, Firefox, Firecat

Scientific name: Ailurus fulgens

Conservation status: Vulnerable

Population in the Wild: difficult to determine between 2500 to 20,000

Habitat:  Temperate forest in the Himalayas in Western Nepal, West China, Norther India, Bhutan and Northern Myanmar

Behavior: Crepuscular, omnivorous, arboreal

Closest Relatives: distantly related to raccoons, skunks, badgers

Interesting fact(s):

-Red Pandas were first classified as bears, then raccoons, but are now classified as their own family.

-The Giant Panda actually got its name from the Red Panda when it was thought they were from the same family.

-It is believed that Panda comes from the Nepali word poonya meaning bamboo eater.


-habitat loss

-habitat fragmentation


-inbreeding (due to habitat fragmentation)

Conservation Organizations:

Red Panda Network

WWF - Nepal


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Asian Forest

Here is a print I made with hand stitched background leaves. I'll put it for sale on our site shortly. And hopefully take some better pictures. This scan didn't come out great.

They don't all actually live together in one forest but they are all the animals are from Southern Asia and are suffering habitat loss. The animals are red panda, orangutan, slow loris, sika deer, bornean clouded leopard, sumatran rabit, panda.