England: Liberty of London

Back from my trip from the UK.   One of the highlights was visiting the Liberty store in London.

I loved the amazing displays...
...loved the Quilty Pleasures at Liberty display...
(which included this amazing quilt made of Barbie Dresses)
... loved everything in the store...
(including this postcard set that i bought)
...and of course i totally loved the printed outside wall of the side of the store.
(I am going to live in a printed house when I grow up)

More great Liberty stuff:
Liberty Collection at Target:

Cacharel:  Le Liberty Book:

The Intimate Ape by Shawn Thompson

A new book on orangutans was just released, so obviously I bought it right away. I am only a few pages in but I really connected with these feelings the author was having:

"One of the things I struggled with while writing this book was the sense of how little power we have personally. The more I learned about orangutans, the worse I felt, until it seemed that there was little I could do myself. I am just one person. This problem is too big for me alone. The powerlessness and hopelessness was a real obstacle."

I struggle with this often.  In fact, it seems every time I have a few too many glasses a wine I start crying to whatever poor soul is next to me about how fabulous orangutans are and how I don't know how to help them and that it all feels so hopeless.  I am glad to know that someone shares these feelings, not only because it makes me feel slightly less crazy.  But also, because it gives me hope that others do care and that maybe we can make a difference.

 The Intimate Ape: Orangutans and the Secret Life of a Vanishing Species by Shawn Thompson

The Hotel Cafe Tour

Okay, so this blog isn't about music. But music is art and this show was amazing so I thought I would talk about it. Plus the reason I discovered most of these artists was via art and design. So Monday night I went to the Hotel Cafe Tour in San Francisco. It was amazing. Rachael Yamagta, Emily Wells, Lenka, Meiko and Thao Nguyen were all there. They all sang about five songs each and often were all on stage together singing back up for each other. Very cool.

Rachael Yamagata- Happenstance

I bought this cd on a total whim after reading about in a magazine and seeing the cute CD design (below). It remains one of my favorite CD's of all time.


I bought this CD purely based on the fact that I loved her website & cd cover design - and again I ended up loving it. I guess it proves that some things can be judged by their covers!

Emily Wells- The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties

Emily Wells was the only person I never really heard of before the tour but she was so cool. I really liked her sound. She loops her music and singing while on stage, essentially singing her own backup. She also plays the ukulele and violin and did a cover of "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G.


Thao Nguyen - We Brave Bee Stings and All

Katie Herzig - Apple Tree

So she wasn't actually at our show, but I am including her because she was part of the Hotel Cafe Tour in some other locations and I just recently started listening to her. I discovered her, like way too much of my music, from the CW (sad to admit). I bought the album again for the pretty cover and for the fact that it had a song entitled "Sumatra", sadly the song doesn't seem to be about saving the Sumatran forests and the plight of its endangered species.

The Hotel Cafe Presents...Winter Songs

Some fuzzy, yet cool looking, images from the show (courtesy of my roommate):

Please note: Meiko was wearing a Betsey Johnson dress which I have to point out because I used to work at Betsey Johnson and still get excited anytime I see someone in Betsey clothes. The dress is available at Urban Outfitters.

Growing Up

My favorite animal planet series "Growing Up" is now available on DVD. It's a series about orphaned animals being raised at sanctuaries. They are available with four episodes per disc for $9.99 - 12.99.

Growing Up Wilderness
Growing Up: Black Bear
Growing Up: Sitka Deer
Growing Up: Moose
Growing Up: Coyote

Growing Up Arctic
Growing Up: Polar Bear
Growing Up: Seal
Growing Up: Walrus (one of my favorites)
Growing Up: Penguin

Growing Up Safari
Growing Up: Rhino (another favorite)
Growing Up: Zebra
Growing Up: Hyena
Growing Up: Giraffe

Growing Up Wild Cats
Growing Up: Lion
Growing Up: Tiger
Growing Up: Cheetah
Growing Up: Black Leopard

Growing Up Gift Pack
The "Growing Up DVD Gift Pack" includes all four listed above plus Growing Up: Primate which is not available separately. Growing Up Primate includes Growing Up Orangutan my absolute favorite!

What is missing?

Growing Up Grizzly narrated by Brad Pitt was released in 2001 and has used copies available.

Where is Growing Up: Panda, Growing Up: Clouded Leopard and Growing Up: Grizzly 2 (With Jennifer Aniston)? Unless they are included in the entire set it does not seem like these are available for purchase.

Reading list: Wildlife

Some of our favorites...

In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall's first publication on chimpanzees about her first ten years in Gombe.
Through a Window by Jane Goodall
The follow up to In Shadow of Man.

Reflections of Eden by Birute Galdikas
This is my favorite of the books on great apes. Dr. Galdikas includes stories of her personal life in with her stories about Orangutans.
Reason for Hope by Jane Goodall
Stories that inspired Jane Goodall - from her own personal experiences with Chimpanzees to the stories of inspiring people she has met through out her life
Last Chance to See by Doulgas Adams
A book about the quest to find some of the worlds most endangered species by the writer of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Journey of the Pink Dolphins by Sy Montgomery
So - I haven't actually read this yet - but it is going to be good. I love all of Sy Montgomery's books. Plus it's about pink dolphins in the Amazon - how cool are they.
Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey
A little more scientific than Dr. Goodall's or Dr. Galdika's books about great apes. Still a good read that really shows what a strong, incredible women Dian Fossey must have been.
Walking With the Great Apes by Sy Montgomery
A great general book about great apes and Leakey's angels.
A Chimp in the Family by Vince Smith
This book is one of my favorites. It's a heartwarming story about a man who raised a chimpanzee and his quest to give her the best life he could. Also published as Sophie's Story.

The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery
A favorite for any pig lover.

Search for the Golden Moon Bear by Sy Montgomery
About the search to discover a new bear species.