Species Facts: Panda

Common names: Giant Panda, Panda

Scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Conservation status: Endangered

Population in the Wild: aprox. 1500 - 3000

Habitat: Mountain ranges in central China

Behavior: terrestrial, herbivore

Closest Relatives: Spectacled Bear

Interesting fact(s):

-The panda has characteristics similar to a raccoons and bears so it took decades to come to a consensus on taxidermic classification.  After DNA studies it was determined that the panda was part of the bear family.

-Pandas have pupils with vertical slits like a cat, all other bears have round pupils

-Pandas have been called by many names in the past including mottled bear, particolored bear, spotted bear, cat bear, bamboo bear, bear cat, large bear cat


-habitat loss

-low birthrate

Conservation Organizations:

Pandas International


Jenni Tuominen

Unessa (above) by Jenni Tuominen for Marimekko is one of those amazing pieces that makes me want to cry because it's so perfect and beautiful - and I get depressed that I can't create something like it! Sounds crazy I guess but it's true! I have to get this print. You can get a single repeat printed on fabric from Textile Arts or from Scandanavian Design Center. See more of Jenni's work below.

Amy Sol - Take 2

Last month I posted about Amy Sol and her amazing red panda paintings. I figured it was about time to feature some more of her artwork. Her paintings are dreamlike images of young women and their relationship to nature and wildlife. They show a longing to reconnect with nature and companionship between woman and animals. It's interesting to note that while occasionally the animal and girl may be enjoying human like activities (i.e. tea parties) the girl is always with these animals in their environment. These animals are not being thought of as pets, but rather as friends and equals.

Amy's work is truly amazing - her use of color is very subtle yet so powerful. The compositions are always beautiful. The scenes she creates are so imaginative and just waiting for the viewer to create a story to go along with each image. Please check out her blog and website so you can appreciate all her work.