Send Us to Borneo to help Orangutans!!! is sending 10 "Action Agents" to Borneo to protect the orangutans and the forest.  Project Borneo is a collaboration between deforestAction and Orangutan Outreach.  This is an amazing opportunity to really contribute to conservation in Borneo, and work with the fabulous Dr. Willie Smits.  Participants will be communicating to the world about their experience in Borneo - through internet, tv and a movie.  Participants will work to save the forests and the orangutans, but also replant forests with the community - creating a sustainable model that makes protecting the forests profitable for the local communities. I would love the opportunity to take part in this project.   My sister and I both applied.  See our videos below.  Please also go to their site and VOTE for us & help us go to Borneo!!!