Pgymy Elephant Print

Another new print: Pygmy Elephants!

Borneo's Pygmy elephants
are the smallest subspecies of elephant. They live in North East Borneo, mostly in the Malaysian state of Sabah. There are less than 1000 pygmy elephants left in the wild. There biggest threat like most species is habitat destruction and human-elephant conflicts. Pygmy elephants, like orangutans, are especially threatened by the palm oil industry.

You can help by adopting a Pygmy Elephant through WWF.

New Print

I've been working on prints all weekend. I have about 5 in the works prints - and was hoping to finish them all up this weekend since I finally had a little time. Yet, they always seem to suck up way more time than you'd expect. Finished 1 today! So I guess that is a start. Hopefully I'll have another for tomorrow. Here you go:

NEW Jungle Blossom print by Daughter Earth. Coming soon to our website!