A Cry For Help

Thinkspace Gallery in LA is holding an awesome show called "A Cry For Help". 20% of all the profits are donated to Born Free - whose mission is to "end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife — including highly endangered species — in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally." The show runs from Jan. 8th, 2010 through Feb. 5th, 2010.

They have some really great artists participating in the show that it is hard to pick favorites. Here are a few of them. Make sure to check out the site - for other great ones.

Beggar by Joao Ruas
Every Promise Is Meant To Be Broken by Fumi Nakamura

Amongst - Carry Weapon by Ghostpatrol

Pika Mountain by Amy Sol

Rise of the Giant Panda by Paul Barnes

The Fading by Dan May

Nest Warmers by Apak

Presto Change-O' by Charlie Immer
On The Sweet Winter Eve of Brown Bear and Baby by Imminent Disaster

Fawn Study by Heiko Müller

Stranded by Leontine Greenberg

p.s. I find it really hard to not post the paintings with some of my favorite rarer animals. There are at least 2 red pandas and 2 moon bears and a gibbon in this show - make sure you look for those works!