Panda Bears are so damn trendy...

Why not show some love for some other Asian bears with these great Etsy finds.

Sun Bear (original painting) by JuneJofCA

Sun Bear Bauble by ThyacineDen

Minko by Scott Parry

Don't Let Go Tote Bag by Julia Pott

Wooly Bear by Julia Pott

Two Bears Notecard by Apak

You are my Sunshine Bear bookmark by animalgam

Ursidae Print by Daughter Earth


I decided to start coloring up some of the original drawings I use to create my prints. I am going to sell them on Etsy. They are all on kind of random pieces of paper cause I always cut and paste things together and clean them up on the computer. Here is the first one - a blue bear in a rosebush.


I recently bought this lovely Red Panda print from MINU. I love her newest prints of animals dressed like people (above red panda and below sunbear).

Then she has a whole lovely series of people dressed like animals who are friends with animals! Adorable!

And I think these "stuffed prints" are genius. I mean how cute. Who would think to stuff artwork? LOVE IT!

And check out these cute little guys!

Make sure to check out her website and Etsy Shop.
I like this little line from her profile: "Usually the artist is sleepless at night with the head full off ideas." Ahh - so familiar!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Here are some cute pictures of mama bears and there cubs! They are so sweet and gentile with their cubs!

Polar bear mother and her three cubs.

Moon Bear aka Asiatic Black Bear with her cub.

Sun Bear or Honey Bear and her cub.

Mama and baby spectacle bears up in the trees.

Two baby sloth bears hitching a ride on momma bear's back.

Panda mom cuddling her cub.

Brown bear and cub relaxing in a meadow.

Mother Black bear nuzzles her cub.

Baby Koala on Mom's back (Koala's are actually marsupials not bears, but it was so cute I had to include it)