Print studies

Isabelle of *stargarten came over for our yearly 4th of July weekend painting party. This year we used tiny print and pattern clippings as inspiration (to be posted soon). Here's what I did for the day. 20110707-083615.jpg Isabelle post yours soon! They were awesome.

Noticing... black backgrounds

Loving artwork on black backgrounds right now....

Macro Garden by Rosemary Scanlon, Botanic by Ashley G, Breanne Thank You Card by Rifle Paper Co., Root Garden by Apak, Celestial Cat by Zippora Lux, Night Flowering Tree by Lena Wolf, Happiness Is..? by Ciara Phelan found on Where the Lovely Things Are, Cactussen by Moussault found on Meike Willems, Dark Constellation by Christine Tillman, works on paper by Sally Gill found on Art Hound, watercolor by Rosemary Scanlon found on my love for you..., painting by Marie Laurencin found on Amy Blackwell, Secret Garden by Michelle Armas, Relais by Edouard Benedictusfound on decor8, Small World by Mary Blair

Creativty Explored at CB2

I love that CB2 has partnered up with Creativity Explored -  a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. I work in the same building as Creativity Explored and get to see what great organization they are. Every time I go into CB2 the pieces that really excite me are always the pieces from their Creativity Explored partnership.  (I mean even before i realize they are the Creativity Explored pieces, so it's just an awesome bonus that they help support a good cause.)  Here are my favorite pieces.  I am totally getting the pillow!products available at CB2

Make sure to check out the great art and products on Creativity Explored's website as well. If I was slightly less poor I would by this piece by Angela Moss.