Monster Drawing Rally

I'll be drawing in the 6 pm - 7 pm time slot at the Monster Drawing Rally tomorrow evening. It's a really cool fundraiser for Southern Exposure, where each drawing costs $60, no more, no less! There is a bar and D.J.s and the art is made right in front of you! I'm still a little nervous about drawing something awesome in an hour, but I've been practicing. Check out the below and more awesome participants from last year:

I bought this piece by Lana Porcello who co-owns Outerlands

Lauren Davies

Kelly Tunstall who I just recently posted about.

Jennie Smith one of my all time favorite artists.

Chelsea Heikes

Special Thanks to Andy Vogt and Sarah Smith for getting me involved in this event.



Oh happiness. How often is it that you discover two new wonderful artists just by wandering past their studio. I walked by kefe a few weeks ago and was stopped in my tracks by the above beautiful piece of work.

Was so happy when I looked it up to see it was actually the studio of the two artists Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock and not just a random gallery.

Bring It With You
(Love that this fits in with all the artwork on my turtle cities post)

Color Guard

Crosstown Traffic


I really really love that Flares piece, but can't afford it. There should be artwork shares.
Are there nineteen other people who would like to share this work with me!!!

All the above work is from their Sea of Love show this summer. Really great stuff make sure to check out the rest of their work from that show.

Looks like the will both be participating in Wonderland on Feb 4th at 111 Minna.

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