Paradise in a parking spot

Everyone knows the line from the Joni Mitchel classic "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot," now we all get a chance to create our own little piece of paradise in a parking spot! Tomorrow is PARK(ing) Day! Take over metered parking spaces and create your own little park! How fun. Here are some great pictures from the past to get you inspired.

Many cities participate in PARK(ing) Day. Check out the PARK(ing) Day network. Below are some links of cities who participate.

LA San Francisco New York DC Brisbane

Off to Borneo

I am off to Sabah in Malaysian Borneo for two weeks. It will be a whirl wind trip with Scuba diving at Sipadan, Jungle Trekking at Tabin and Danum Valley, and visiting the orangutans I volunteered with at Sepilok!

My next post probably won't be till September unless I randomly make it to an internet cafe and post about the trip!

Here are some fun maps of Sabah!

While I was searching through email for those maps I also found this map I designed for Lok Kawi Wildlife Park - the first modern zoo in Borneo!