So... when I was little I used to make up stories for my siblings about dodle-dangpods (or doodle-dangfods i can't really remember.) Anyway they were little creatures that lived in trees that were formed right after a drip of water hits a puddle.

So i was pretty stoked when i found this bag in Portland last weekend.

Art work by Sylvia Portella, Bag by BlueQ

Here's an animation I made about how they are formed.  It also features pink bumblebees - which i still believe exist. I also believe that I was stung by one when i was 4 or 5 - it was long and skinny and had a little fat friend - that was slightly more orange.


I finally got a chance to see Ponyo last week. I really loved it, it was so sweet. And as always with Hayao Miyazaki's films it showed the struggle between humans and the natural world, specifically the ocean in this film.

Once Upon A Dream

The cartoon art museum in San Francisco quickly became one of my favorite museums in the city. And again, they have a show going on I couldn't wait to see - Once Upon a Dream - The Art of Sleeping Beauty - to celebrate the fifty year anniversary of its release. Sleeping Beauty has long been my favorite Disney movie. I always thought it was the most visually stunning. The exhibit is amazing - and you must go if you live in the Bay Area.

Some Sleeping Beauty concept art.

Here are some websites with good collections of concept art from Sleeping Beauty:
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