Species Facts: Spectacled Bear

image by Ricardo Kuehn

Common names: Spectacled Bear, Andean Bear, ukuko, jukumari, ucumari

Scientific name: Tremarctos ornatus

Conservation status: Vulnerable

Population in the Wild: unknown, some reports say under 3000

Habitat: Cloud forest in the Andes in South America, in parts of Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

Behavior: arboreal, omnivore mostly vegetarian, mostly nocturnal

Closest Relatives: Panda Bear

Interesting fact(s):

-Spectacled bears’ face, neck, and chest markings are, like human fingerprints, unique to each bear

-The only bear from South America


-habitat loss due mining, farming and logging

Conservation Organizations:

Spectacled Bear Conservation

Andean Bear Project


Wildlife Protection Foundation