Species Facts: Panda

Common names: Giant Panda, Panda

Scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Conservation status: Endangered

Population in the Wild: aprox. 1500 - 3000

Habitat: Mountain ranges in central China

Behavior: terrestrial, herbivore

Closest Relatives: Spectacled Bear

Interesting fact(s):

-The panda has characteristics similar to a raccoons and bears so it took decades to come to a consensus on taxidermic classification.  After DNA studies it was determined that the panda was part of the bear family.

-Pandas have pupils with vertical slits like a cat, all other bears have round pupils

-Pandas have been called by many names in the past including mottled bear, particolored bear, spotted bear, cat bear, bamboo bear, bear cat, large bear cat


-habitat loss

-low birthrate

Conservation Organizations:

Pandas International