New Apartment: Projects

So I just moved into a new apartment.   The thing I was most excited about is that I now have a workspace that is separate from my bedroom!   So obviously in my head - I thought with my own workspace I would be super organized and be super productive.  However, my new, and fairly large, work space is already busting at the seems because I have too many unfinished projects.   Plus my boyfriend won't let any projects leave my studio until they are finished.   So if I actually want room to work I have to start finish projects.  So the goal for the next year is to FINISH old projects and not start any new ones!   FINISH FINISH FINISH!  That is to be the theme of this chapter of my life. Here is a list of the first few that have to get done - mainly because they are just taking up too much room.

1. Reworking a friends discarded coat rack -  I was going to paint it a fun bright color and attach it to a table to make an cute little piece to display my bags.  Since we have no front closet in our new apartment I thought while I am not doing shows it could be a cute little place to store shoes and coats.    Logical - since it is a coat rack and all. 2. Recovering my vintage couch - I've mentioned briefly my obsession with beautiful couches.  Well most of the couches I love I can't afford, plus I always wanted to do a couch in my own textiles.  And I love browsing craigslist for old furniture I could give new life too.  Anyway - I found the above beautiful couch on craigslist and I wanted to reupholster it.  She's hiding a little in this picture but you'll see more of her soon. 3.  Finish the painting of the last couch I recovered - So I actually managed refinish the last couch project I did.  I recovered the couch and create a "life of couch" video installation of the couch.   However, I did NOT finish the painting I decide to make of said couch.  This painting has been haunting me for over two years now.  It's no further along than it was five days after I started it.   It needs to be finished and done with and out of my life... and studio. 4.  Nocturnal Animal Painting on found plywood - So everyday for a month I walked over this piece of plywood at a construction site near my office.   I loved the knots in it and thought it would make a really awesome painting.  I wanted to steal it but I am a goody two-shoes and was too nervous to do so.  Anyway - it disappeared and I was really disappointed and regretted not taking it.  Then two weeks later it showed up again - I figured it was a sign from the universe telling me to take it.   I rented a van, got the help of a a braver friend and went to rescue my piece of plywood.   When we got there a security guard was watching the site - the site had never been guarded before.   I was so nervous but thankfully I had my friend with me.  After driving around the block a million times we decided we had to just go for it.  Obviously after all that the board didn't fit in the car.   We jammed it in as far as we could - my poor friend sat in the back holding on to the board as it hung 2 feet out the back I sped off on our get away!   It sat in my old apartment for almost a year and I have no paid movers to move a full sheet of crappy grade plywood.  It is huge and takes up way to much room.   After all that I went through to get it  -- I best get this project done! 5.  Finish Rafflesia Quilt - This is seriously like 95% done - I just have put stitch lines around the details and center so it keeps its shape and looks more quilty. 6.  Make Pillow Covers - These are just some random white pillows someone gave us when we bought their couch of craigslist.   I figure I can make cuter or at least equally cute pillow covers to all the fancy expensive ones I see out there.   And it will be a good non-stressful projects I can use to get some ideas out of my head. 7.  Refinish these frames - I bought these at a flea market with the intention of painting them and making them pretty.  Thought I might make one of the big ones into a cork board to hang inspiration on.

Anyone have any brilliant suggestions on keeping motivated to finish big projects?  How do do you not get distracted by all the new and exciting project ideas you get while working on other projects?