Caroline Manzo wears our Gibbon Shirt!

Check out Real Housewives of NJ's Caroline Manzo in our Gibbon Shirt. CarolineManzo caroline manzo Caroline Manzo from BravoTv

Gibbon T Daughter Earth Gibbon Shirt

10% of the profits from our Gibbon Shirt are donated to the Sumatran Orangutan Society's Tree Replanting Program.  They are working to restore the quickly disappearing rainforest habitats of Sumatra.  Sumatra is home to three species of gibbon, the Lar Gibbon (top), Agile Gibbon (middle), and Siamang (bottom).  All three species are endangered due to habitat loss.

Fun Facts: -Gibbons are monogamous. -Gibbons aren't monkeys - they are apes - like humans.  This mean they have big brains and no tails. -Gibbon calls seriously sound like car alarms.  Check one out here:  Silvery Gibbon Call -Gibbons have a ball and socket wrist joint which allows them to move quickly and gracefully through the tree tops.