Irina Troitskaya's Matreshkas

Orangutan Nesting Doll Set of Monkeys (i obviously love that it has an orangutan)

Set of Naturally White Animals (i've been wanting to do something with black and white animals)

Set of Most Strange Animals (love love love, and especially love that one little hint of blue -- brilliant)

Set of Most Popular Animals of Russian Fairy Tales

This sets not labeled but I am going to call it - Set of Animals with Funny Mouths

These are so amazing for so many reasons!  First off I love Nesting Dolls.  They were always one of my favorite things to play with when I was younger.  My Nonna had a set I loved the play with.   And I love love love making random weird collections of animals.   And obviously they are also beautiful!  I want to buy all of them!

Check out Irina's website - she has so much amazing work.   Don't miss the concept drawings for her matreshkas they may be more wonderful than the actual nesting dolls.

They have some pretty amazing butts!  Make sure you go to her website to check out the rest of their backsides.