Monster Drawing Rally Follow Up

A few people have been asking to see what I drew at the Monster Drawing Rally.   Well, I just got a letter in the mail saying that they posted the pictures.   The letter also told me that I sold both my pieces - which made me very happy!

This was the first piece I did.   An adorable little girl came over to tell me she bought it.  She was very sweet and seemed really happy.  It's called "Island Living Can Get Lonely" and is about habitat fragmentation.
This was the second piece.  I didn't see who bought it but I did see an adorable little boy go up to the wall and hug it - so hopefully his parents bought him this.  Not sure what this one is called but it combines all my favorite things, beautiful couches and print, cute animals and trees!  Perhaps I'll call it "Dream Couch."
Thank goodness I signed up for the earliest time slot - since the 10 years and younger crowd seem to be the most appreciative of my work!  Probably because I say things like "Thank goodness."
I was really nervous about actually being able to finish a drawing in an hour.  So I did two practice runs and timed myself.   It's really hard to draw that fast!  My hand actually was hurting when I was done!  I am gonna post some of the practice rounds on ETSY for $18 each.
I also did a more detailed version if "Island Living Can Get Lonely."   I am putting the original version on Etsy for $60 and prints for $12.
"Island Living Can Get Lonley" original drawing
"Island Living Can Get Lonley" print
A picture of me at the event.
Photo via Duncan Carroll of
You can view drawings by other artists at the event here:  Monster Drawing Rally 2010
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