Inspiration: Blog It Forward

Thank you to Victoria of sfgirlybybay for organizing Blog It Forward. And thank you to Kelly of Dash, Pinch, Smidgen for passing it to me.

what inspires me...

Jungles and the Creatures who live in them.
I have always been fascinated by jungles. My sisters and brother and my favorite game when we were little was "Jungle Kids" where we would pretend we were trapped on a deserted jungle island. We had to grocery shop by swinging through the canopy to collect fruit, build our own shelter and we'd even create rainstorms by tying sprinklers up in the trees.

Beautiful color combinations.
Whether, its clothing, prints, home decor, artwork or photographs the thing first thing that grabs my attention is the color combinations and placements.
To see some of the art, photos and prints with color I love see
my past inspiration posts here and here
image from thinkBIG

The shore and ocean.
My family has been going 'down the shore' (as we say in Jersey) since before I was born. The beach and ocean have always been a big part of my life. Below are pictures of Laura (1989) and me (1981) and my mother (1958) at the beach. Below that is a picture of the ocean from Laura and my scuba diving trip in Malaysia.

Creative, inspiring people
I love people who selflessly share their inspiration and creative process...
like my dear artist friends Lynsey of Hodgepodge Illustration,
Ali of Ali's Art Adventure and Isabelle of Stargarten...

and all the great bloggers participating in Blog it Forward

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all images from Daughter Earth (unless otherwise noted)