2. The Age of Feminine Drawing - One of my favorite inspiration books
3. 175 At Jenni Richee... (detail) Henry Darger
4. picture of my Nonna circa 1938 that I recolored
5. Tweet Illustration by Jackie Kari Bos
6. Sara Midda's South of France - A Sketchbook
7. Like I Give a Frock book by Michi Girl with artwork by Kat Macleod
8. Hidden Habitats calender by Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh

9. Debby Harry by Andy Warhol
10. dogwood print design by me
11. postcards by Aya Takano

a. Always Looking Out by Pretty Little Thieves
b. thank you card by Atherton Lin
12. moo card by Fifi Lapin
13. deer card by Caitlin Kuhwald
14. fabric I worked on for Betsey Johnson's 'Sweet Betsey' runway show
15. Rosalinda - an orphaned orangutan I worked with in Borneo
16. concept art by Mary Blair
17. Card Set by Apak Studio
18. Pygmy Elephant fabric by Daughter Earth
19. random cheapy jewelry and one nice bracelet that used to be my mothers
20. plate from Lauren Amos Designs jewelry stand

21. Jungle Blossom fabric by Daughter Earth
22. Garden Party fabric by Daughter Earth
23. Never Be Sad postcard by Alexis Mackenzie
inspiration for this post by Holly Becker and Leslie