Baby Coco

So I was at Sanrio in Japantown, SF the other day and they had a sign in the window for a new character, an adorable orangutan named "baby coco" who was promoting eco friendliness. So everything I loved tied up into one adorable furry package - of course I had to buy my own Baby Coco! Sanrio is so nostalgic for me, I was quite the "Hello Kitty" fan growing up.

I've been doing research and I can't find Baby Coco anywhere on Sanrios site or any sites? Maybe he is super new? I found cell phone strap versions (above) and magnet (below) through a Japanese webstore: Strapaya World.

Here is a picture of my Baby Coco, hugging his new friend Atama - a teddy bear I bought in Malaysia named after one of my favorite Orangutans.

Baby Coco hangtag:

I am really impressed with how cute he is. Trust me it's not easy to make stuffed orangutans look cute. I probably have every one ever made, mostly recieved as gifts - and most have a lot to be desired. I do have one other super cute one that I got for my 10th birthday! He's at my dad's house but next time I am home I will take some pictures of him!

I will keep you all posted if I find more information on him!