M.O.M. - Missing Orangutan Mothers

This mother's day why not celebrate by paying tribute to all the orangutan mothers who have been killed or separated from their helpless babies. The growing palm oil industry and forest destruction continue to be the biggest thread to these orangutan mothers. Orangutan babies can be dependent on their mothers for up to six years, they cannot survive on their own when their mothers are taken away from them.

For more information on M.OM. and to learn how you can help please visit:
Orangutan Outreach

The following zoos are participating in the M.O.M. campaign:
The Center for Great Apes
Central Florida Zoo
Gladys Porter Zoo
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Greensville Zoo
Honolulu Zoo
Little Rock Zoo
Miami Zoo
Milwaukee Zoo
Oregon Zoo
National Zoo
Tampa Lowry Park Zoo
Topeka Zoo
Toronto Zoo
Utah's Hogle Zoo
Zoo Atlanta
Northwest Florida Zoo

To adopt one of these orphaned orangutans in need of love and support please visit Orangutan Outreach's Adoption Page.