Being Ripped Off by Insight?

So - I don't know what is going on here. But I went to the store the other day and was heartbroken to see one of my favorite brands Insight had released a print that looked just like one of MY PRINTS.

Now I know a lot of times people use similar inspiration what not and it makes sense they would have the similar prints. But this was completely from my head - I wasn't looking at anything (besides pictures of Pandas and Red Pandas) when I was making it. Plus - It's such a weird color combo how could we have both come up with the same one!

I am not even angry. I am just sad and confused. I don't know how they would have seen my print unless someone I sent my portfolio to works for Insight.

This is the second time they came up with something similar to mine a few months after I made it. I assumed the first time it was a coincidence but this just seems to close for that. Maybe it is a coincidence. I don't know. I am just so sad. This will teach me to finish my stuff sooner and get my products out there!

The idea behind mine was to make a cool print with Pandas and Red Pandas because I figured Pandas are so in right now everyone would love the print. I'd draw them in with the Pandas and then teach them about Red Pandas to familiarize more of the world with these equally adorable and equally endangered species. At least their print only has Giant Pandas.

Anyway I am still making my print because it's for a good cause and I made it first. Just stinks that everyone is going to TOTALLY think I ripped them off now. Which is not the case.

Oh I want to cry.

Here is the Insight Print:

Daughter Earth Panda Print:
(Still needed some tweaks which is why I haven't made anything with it yet).

At least my other colorway is a little more different from theirs.
Check back soon. For Daughter Earth Panda Print products. I was planning on making bags and shorts with them and at least Insight didn't do that!