Update: Girl Scouts

Madison and Rhiannon, the two girl scouts have been diligently working to educate their peers about the problems with palm oil and the plight of the orangutan. They've been working hard to get the bakers of girl scout cookies to use alternative to palm oil in their products. They recently met with representatives from Little Brownie Bakers and GSHOM and local community members to give a presentation about removing palm oil from Girl Scout Cookies.

They raised money and educated their peers during Orangutan Awareness Week in November. They fundraisers such as Palm Oil Free bake sales and a school dance.

These young ladies are such an inspiration. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about their work. Below is a note from the girls asking for current and past girl scouts to participate in their most recent campaign:

Dear Girl Scout Commmunity,

We are inviting all past or current Girl Scout Community members to participate in our Girl Scout Puzzle Piece Campaign. We have been talking to the Girl Scouts about removing palm oil from Girl Scout Cookies and we want to show them how many Girl Scouts care! Each participant will receive a blank puzzle piece and decorate it with why they think it's important the Girl Scouts remove palm oil from Girl Scout Cookies. This can be done through a quote, sentence, picture, poem, etc. The pieces will then be mailed back to us and we will present them to the Girl Scouts once the puzzle is complete to show them how many other Girl Scouts believe in this cause too! If you would like to participate or get more information you can email us at saveorangutans137@hotmail.com, also please check out our website at: www.saveorangutan.bravehost.com

~Madison and Rhiannon

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