Pierre Bonnard

I was viewing Nude in Bathtub with Small Dog (above) at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. My roommate was with me and said in a disgusted tone, "Ug, that looks like something you would paint." It was the greatest compliment I have ever received about my artwork.

Pierre Bonnard is my all-time favorite painter. There is something Matisse-like about his paintings but a quality that makes them seem more magical. He was a master of color. He painted light in a way no one can and was the true painter of light. No offense to Mr. Kinkade, but Bonnard painted light in a less obvious way that captured the emotions of light. "My god is light," he is quoted saying.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is currently having an exhibition of his work, Pierre Bonnards: The Late Interiors. It runs from January 27th through April 19th. If you are lucky enough to be in New York during this time make sure you check it out. I am considering flying back just for that exhibition.

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Still Lifes and Interiors the catalog from the exhibition is available for pre-order. Below are some of my favorites of his work.