Totoro Forest Project

Today I went to the see the Totoro Forest Project Exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum. All the artwork from the exhibit was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's movie My Neighbor Totoro. It includes artists from all over the world including some of my favorites like James Jean and Catia Chien, as well as many Pixar artists. The artwork from the exhibition is being auctioned of to raise money for Totoro No Furusto National Fund, a non-profit organization raising money to protect the Samaya Forest in Tokyo. It's a great exhibition with a great cause so you should check it out if you are in the area. It runs through February 8, 2009. They also were selling Art of Totoro Forest Project book, but sadly it was sold out before I could get my hands on it.

Here are some (only some - there are too many good ones) of my favorites from the exhibition:

A Gift by Jackson Tse

Totoro Forest by James Robertson

Plane Spotting Spirit by Jason Sadler

Mossy Emerald Steps by Jenny Hansen

The Keepers by Jony Chandra

Dug by Khang Le

Dandelion Fairies by Kendal Chronkite-Shaindlin

When We Were Kids by Kinman Chan

Totoro of Their Own by Daisuke Dice Tsutsumi

Keeper of the Woods by Leanna Butcher

Water Giggles by Lorelay Bove

Blue in the Redwoods by Pete Doctor

The White Trail by Pascal Campion

Untitled by Noelle Triareau

Rescue by Noah Klocek

Enbu by Nishi

Blue by Nadine Takvorian

When I Whisper Totoro's Name... by Manuel Arenas

The Resting Place by Luc Demarchelier

Die Seele - The Soule by Alexandra Boiger

Magical Clay Flute by Alina Chau

Untitled by Andrea Blasich

Whaling by Benjamin Plouffe

FNTA by Bob Pauley

Endless Journey by Catia Chien

Spirit of the Forest by Chris Schnabel

Shedding by Clio Chiang

View from the Van by Lori Klockek

Rain Tree by Yoko Tanji

Teddy, Puff and I by William Joyce

Spies at the Pool Party by Wayne Lo

A Tree in My Garden by Veronique Joffre

I'm the Mountain, the Woods and the Earth by Tohru Patrick Awa

Untitled by Tianyi Han

Untitled by Tia Kratter

Jungle Eyes by Tang Kheng Heng

Dead Leaves by Tadahiro Uesugi

Tortorus Grandiflora by Sylvain Marc

Totoro Forest Project by Ricky Nierva

Will O' the Wisp by Greg Couch

Off Stage by Hans P Bacher

The Gatherer by James Jean

Are You a Big Dust Bunny? by Grace Lee

Kikutowne Totoro by Elizabeth Ito

Fishing for Mr. Echo by Edward Li

Be sure to check out all the artworks on the Totoro Forest Project website.
You can donate to the cause here.