The Hotel Cafe Tour

Okay, so this blog isn't about music. But music is art and this show was amazing so I thought I would talk about it. Plus the reason I discovered most of these artists was via art and design. So Monday night I went to the Hotel Cafe Tour in San Francisco. It was amazing. Rachael Yamagta, Emily Wells, Lenka, Meiko and Thao Nguyen were all there. They all sang about five songs each and often were all on stage together singing back up for each other. Very cool.

Rachael Yamagata- Happenstance

I bought this cd on a total whim after reading about in a magazine and seeing the cute CD design (below). It remains one of my favorite CD's of all time.


I bought this CD purely based on the fact that I loved her website & cd cover design - and again I ended up loving it. I guess it proves that some things can be judged by their covers!

Emily Wells- The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties

Emily Wells was the only person I never really heard of before the tour but she was so cool. I really liked her sound. She loops her music and singing while on stage, essentially singing her own backup. She also plays the ukulele and violin and did a cover of "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G.


Thao Nguyen - We Brave Bee Stings and All

Katie Herzig - Apple Tree

So she wasn't actually at our show, but I am including her because she was part of the Hotel Cafe Tour in some other locations and I just recently started listening to her. I discovered her, like way too much of my music, from the CW (sad to admit). I bought the album again for the pretty cover and for the fact that it had a song entitled "Sumatra", sadly the song doesn't seem to be about saving the Sumatran forests and the plight of its endangered species.

The Hotel Cafe Presents...Winter Songs

Some fuzzy, yet cool looking, images from the show (courtesy of my roommate):

Please note: Meiko was wearing a Betsey Johnson dress which I have to point out because I used to work at Betsey Johnson and still get excited anytime I see someone in Betsey clothes. The dress is available at Urban Outfitters.