Jill Bliss and Friends

Ah, Jill Bliss. I am obsessed her with colorful, intricately patterned drawings. And as if her drawings were not beautiful enough on their own she also works with sustainable and recycled materials. All of her drawings are inspired by different aspects of nature, trees, tide pools, animals and so on. She is one of those rare artists who make beautiful art with interesting concepts. I especially love a lot of her collaborative works.

As usual some favorites:

Hidden Habitats a collaborative show by Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh (who I won't ellaborate on because she is too awesome and totally worthy of her own blog post). They also just had their fourth show together called Gathered Together at GR2 (Giant Robot's LA STORE). You can buy a calender with images from the Gathered Together show at either Jill Bliss or Saelee Oh's websites or at Giant Robot.

Treelets by Jill Bliss and Shinpei is an amazing little book with quirky yet beautiful drawings of trees and imaginary ecosystems.

Jill Bliss mural on the side of Doe - a cute little shop in San Francisco, CA.

Califoregon by Jill Bliss and Brittany Powell.

There is a really great notecard book available with some of Jill's best work:
Native Flowers Notecard Book