What is Daughter Earth?

All right, as per the suggestion of many friends we (my sister and I, the founders of Daughter Earth) shall attempt to start blogging. We will write about our adventures, design, fashion, art, wildlife, photography and conservation.

Daughter Earth by Nico Bulder

We are often asked "What is/Who is Daughter Earth"? I thought this painting by Nico Bulder called "Daughter Earth" answers that question, better than we can in words.

I love that it includes a Panda and an Orangutan since those were the first two shirts we produced for our company, Daughter Earth.

What is Daughter Earth - as in our company?

We started the company to help spread awareness and to raise funds for wildlife conservation. We create products that are inspired by nature, each product contains information about an endangered species or habitat. We donate a minimum of 10% of our profits back to wildlife conservation organizations. (See the list here) We strive to make products that are sustainable and put a minimal impact on our Mother Earth.