Illustrator: Vicki Gausden & Bears

Vicki Gausden is an freelance illustrator who makes some really fun, free-spirited drawings. Many of her drawings are of all different types of animals. She also develops characters and children's books, many of which have themes of conservation. I especially love her drawings of bears and her newest character Polar Bear Pete.

Polar Bear Pete Christmas Cards by Vicki Gausden
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Polar Bear Pete Traveling by Vicki Gausden

A page from the Polar Bear Pete book by Vicki Gausden
In the story Polar Bear Pete travels the globe looking for a new home.
Check out some more pages from the story here.

Grin and Bear it by Vicki Gausden
I love this postcard. I think its so cute. She even includes almost all the different species of bears plus a few bonuses (Teddy and Koala).

The eight species of bears are:

-Black Bear

-Brown Bear (includes subspecies Grizzly, Kodiak, etc.)

-Polar Bear

-Spectacled Bear

-Sloth Bear

-Moon Bear or Asiatic Black Bear

-Sun Bear


To learn more about bears visit the Great Bear Foundation's website.