Coffee and Bananas and Chocolate! Oh, my!

Four of the big contributers to rainforest destruction are coffee, bananas, choolate and lumber. Rainforest Alliance and Rainforest Relief are two great organizations that are working hard to make it easier on cosumers to buy rainforest-friendly alternatives.

The Rainforest Alliance has a certification program for many common products that usually contribute to rainforest destruction such as, bananas, coffee, chocolate and wood products. The "Rainforest Alliance Certified" seal assures that such products are environmentally and socially friendly. It's a great idea to make it easy on cosumers to make sure they are buying rainforest friendly products.

So if you see the above seal, buy up, and support companies who are practicing environmentally friendly business!

Rainforest Relief has some great information under their "What to Avoid and Alternatives" section. They are starting the Forest Banana Project to help smaller, environmentally friendly, banana companies compete with some of the bigger brands.

Banana Companies that use rainforest destructive methods:
Del Monte

Chocolate Companies that use rainforest destructive methods:
Hershey Food Corporation
ADM Cocoa - Archer Daniels Miland Company
The Bloomer Chocolate Co.
Guittard Chocolate Company
Russell Stover

Rainforest Friendly Chocolate Alternatives:
Green & Blacks
Rapunzel Pure Organics, Inc.
Newman's Own Organics
Endangered Species Chocolate Company
Cocoa Camino
Neuchatel Chocolates
Gysi AG

The Chocolate Alchemist Limited

Rainforest Friendly Chocolate

Biting Back Bar