Artist: Jennie Smith

It is rare that I find an artist that makes art that I find both interesting conceptually and aesthetically pleasing. Jennie Smith does both! She make beautiful drawing/water colors about endangered species but in a unique way. She doesn't just go out and paint wildlife she illustrates a story to demonstrates her point.

One of my favorite pieces is called "We Will Never Tell you Where We've Gone" (featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial) is a beautifully illustrated piece about all the animals on earth teaming up and taking the rest of the planets natural resources and going off to some far off place on a spaceship. It sounds crazy - but aesthetically is very peaceful and organic perhaps demonstrating the way in which all these animals are working together.

You can buy calenders/posters (above) of her artwork at Little Otsu. They are cost about $8-11 and are unfortunately about 1/2" to small for 18"x24" frames. I refuse to cut them because they are so pretty, so will probably end up spending $50 framing $8 posters.

UPDATE: Please note only the "Kite Wars" poster was too big for 18"x24" frames. I just kept trying to frame that one first and assuming the others were the same size.