Print Collections

Sundaland: Inspired by all the beautiful flora and fauna of the bio-diverse Sundaland region.

Jungle Blossom: Inspired by flora of Sundaland including rafflesia and ginger blossoms.

Both Pandas : Features both the red panda and its distant cousin the giant panda. Compliment prints are inspired by their mountainous forest habitat.

Ursidae : Features all eight species of bear - spectacled bear, black bear, brown bear, polar bear, sloth bear, panda bear, moon bear and sun bear.

Get Campy : All the friendly forest creatures head to summer camp.

Sea Stories : Inspired by the whimsy beneath the waves includes sea horses, sea dragons, urchins and anemones.

Garden Party : Watercolor forest creatures hiding in the a flower garden.

California Fields : Who wouldn't want wallpaper of carnivorous plants or california poppies?

Birds and the Bees : A tribute to some of the world's cutest pollinators.

Electric Beehive : I like to think this is what the world looks like from a bees point of view. A homage to the 80s and the busy little creatures who keep our food growing!